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​​​The Cement and Concrete Workers District Council Pension Plan (the “Plan”) was first established pursuant to an Agreement and Declaration of Trust dated as of July 29, 1954. The Plan, as amended and restated herein, is effective as of January 1, 2012, except as to such provisions as are specifically made effective on a different date. 

Pension Fund

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As you are most likely aware of, the benefit program is financed entirely by Employer contributions. Employees are not required to make any payment toward the cost of the Plan. The Board of Trustees of the Cement And Concrete Workers Fund are proud to provide this benefit package to you and your family.

Welfare Fund

Annuity Fund


You will be come a participant in the Plan on the first day that your employer contributes to the Plan on your behalf under the Union’s collective bargaining agreement, Annuity Trust agreement or other agreement with the Trustees.