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How HIPAA can help you:

The Privacy Rule ensures that your information is protected.
The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 became effective April 14, 2003. The objective of the Privacy Rule is to protect the privacy and security of your private information. This rule insures that your private information cannot be accessed without proper validation or authorization.
Here are some examples:

Example #1: A husband has a policy that does not cover his wife as a dependent. The wife calls Cement and Concrete to inquire about claim information pertaining to her husband’s policy. Can the wife obtain this information?
Answer: No. In this case, the husband, who may want his wife to have access to his account information, would have to obtain an Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information Form. Upon processing this form, the wife will have authorization to obtain requested information. In the absence of this form, the wife would not be able to access her husband’s information.
Example #2: A member wants to review the private health information that Cement and Concrete has on file for them. Are they able to do this?
Answer: In this case, the member would need to call or write Cement and Concrete to obtain a Request for Access to Private Information Form. Upon processing this form, the requested information may be forwarded to the member.
Example #3: A member reviewed their private information and noticed a discrepancy. How can this discrepancy be corrected?
Answer: In this case, the member would call or write Cement and Concrete to obtain a Request for Amendment of Private Information Form. Upon receipt of this form, along with notations of information to be amended, the items will be reviewed and a response sent to the member.
Cement and Concrete understands that the implementation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule may involve some inconvenience for our members. However, realizing the ease with which identity and other information can be stolen in this electronic information age, we believe that you will find these minor changes beneficial to you and your family.