PENSION PLAN

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The Cement and Concrete Workers District Council Pension Plan (the “Plan”) was first established pursuant to an Agreement and Declaration of Trust dated as of July 29, 1954. The Plan, as amended and restated herein, is effective as of January 1, 2012, except as to such provisions as are specifically made effective on a different date. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, the rights of any Participant or other person claiming rights under this Plan who has died, retired, terminated employment or suffered a break in service under a prior version of the Plan, will be determined under the applicable provisions of the Plan as in effect at the time of such Participant’s or other person’s death, retirement, termination or break in service.

​• Definitions
• Participation and Breaks in Service
• Pension Credits and Vesting
• Pension Eligibility and Amounts
• Form of Payment of Pensions and Suspension of Payments
• Pre-Retirement Survivors’ Benefits
• General Rules Regarding Payment of Pensions
• Administration of the Plan
• Amendments and Termination
• Miscellaneous