Notice: The Scholarship Questionnaire (SQ) is designed for you to report information about your academic and personal background, extra-curricular activities, and your plans for the future. Your responses to these items are important for the committee review. Complete the SQ and sign the authorization/certification section on page four, then give the Scholarship Questionnaire to your guidance counselor or other school official, who will: complete the additional information requested on page four attach an official transcript of grades, including ACT/SAT score information sign the SQ and enclose a school profile, if one is available submit the SQ and supporting materials to the address indicated below.

ISTS ( International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc.)
              Customer Service  Number  1-855-670-4787 

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Ten scholarships will be granted to dependent children of eligible participants who are high school seniors. The maximum awards will be $7,500 for each year of a two or four year academic program.

If you are a participant in the plan within the current two years, and were eligible to receive benefits during one of those years, your dependent children may be eligible for this program.

To find out if your dependent children are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity please call   718-762-6133.



Board of Trustees

Cement & Concrete Workers District Council Scholarship Program